How to live with smokers?

The fact that you maybe live with a smoker. And when living with smokers, it is unavoidable to live with passive smoking. What are you going to do to live with them? Below are some tips to help you live with smokers.

Remember one thing, you should understand that the smokers are craving to smoke, and you should do these things first:

  • Have the confidence to ask them to smoke outside, or in one particular room, to limit how much you breathe in.
  • If you’re asking people to go out of their way for your comfort, be clear about the reasons why you don’t like them smoking
  • Set ground rules – be clear, honest and open about what you want right from the start if you’re living with someone new
  • Take other factors into account – if you’re living in a house owned by a smoker, or it’s raining heavily on the outside smoking area, things can get murky

If you have done these things correctly, you won’t need to follow these below tips anymore.

Talk to them sincerely

If you live with them, they must be your dearest one. Try to convince them. If that is your parents, chance are they won’t listen to you and you must get used to living with the smoke. When you can’t stand anymore, think about moving out.

Sometimes after I’ve moved out, I go home to visit and realise how smelly it is. When I visit my parents, they both smoke and I notice it catching my throat and my chest at times.

Remember that attitudes towards smoking can be different between generations, so it’s worth explaining how you feel if you’re worried about their health. If you care about your parents’ health, they may try to reduce the smoking.

But what if your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend is spending time with smoking? Then talk sincerely when or where they can enjoy their smoke. Talk, talk, talk.

If a partner isn’t likely to stop smoking, have a good think about whether you can handle it in the long-term. You had better not think about your partner to change for you. This can cause bitterness on both sides.

Can I ask them to quit?

Yes, you can. But the question is: Can they?

No one will suddenly stop smoking just because you ask them sweetly – no matter how much support you offer. It has to be their decision to quit. To help them, can you show them by quitting your own habit? Or you can show them the information about how quitting will benefit them and what they’ll go through if they quit.

Remember, don’t make negative comments if they relapse. This will take time, just let them be.

Can I get rid of the smell of smoke?

Yes , you can. Cigarette smoke has a habit of lingering on clothes and furniture, but there are ways you can reduce the effects.

You should buy an air purifier. Choose one best air purifier for smoke will help. It will also purify the air and you will benefit from breathing clean air.

Open windows as much as possible, especially when people are smoking. Don’t stock the smoke in your home. Empty ashtrays and wash them every day (or better yet encourage the smokers to do this), and sprinkle a layer of bicarbonate of soda on the bottom to absorb odor.

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