How to keep your dog out of the kitchen?

Your kitchen is where you prepare the food, cook the food. It can also be your dining room. And then, you want your dog to keep away from your kitchen, so he won’t mess up, or ruin your dinner. However, he loves nothing more than to get on people’s feet in the kitchen, especially when they’re trying to make dinner.

Today, I will show you How to keep your dog out of the kitchen?

Train your dog to know the line

A line is a very great way to guide your dog where he can go or where he can’t go. But the dog can’t really see it.

So to make it really clear to the dog, all we do is put some sticky tape on the floor. This is absolutely crucial. Now there may be a very obvious line for your dog, such as a change in the floor surface, from wood to carpet. But if there isn’t, you need to make a clear dividing line using tape. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be forever.

Then we encourage him to come in. The dog reacts immediately, knowing there is something there. Without even really trying, and the line’s only just gone down, he knows. Then I repeat “Outside. Out of the kitchen… Good boy.”

Make it clear: A no is a no

Remember, we don’t want him in the kitchen at all. He’s not allowed to touch that line with his foot, because what dogs love to do is edge further and further into the kitchen. The message must be clear: you don’t even stand on the line. And, you can see you can use any sort of energy to drive him out, even just stamping your feet a little bit, moving towards him, “shhh shhh”, “out of the kitchen, out of the kitchen”.

Don’t look at him. Ignore him. Make him know that he’s not allowed to be there, and if he continues to come in, he will be outside then.

An air purifier will help

The most reason you don’t want your dog to be in your kitchen is because of his hair, his dander and of course, his odor. Guiding him to be out of the kitchen takes time, and you can’t risk your life living with him sticking around your kitchen.

An air purifier will definitely help. You need the best air purifier for pets. With this device, you will no longer need to let your dog out of the kitchen. But the air purifier is only for airborne issues. You still need to train your dog to be out of the kitchen.


Giving your dog a calm, consistent consequence of actions will mean that your dog eventually gets the message and is more than happy to stay on the right side of the line.

Be patient, you will be successful soon.

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