About Us

Hi, I’m Katherine Loyd, the founder of Ajatukseni! Ajatukseni is the top resource center for anyone who’s interested in reading news and writing blogs.

What to Expect

It seems everyone and their neighbor is a blogger these days.

You hear your colleague gushing excitedly about her latest fashion blog project. Your mom calls to tell you that your cousin has just launched a blog on recycling.

Darn, you want to start a blog to share your knowledge with the world too!

BUT you’re not a techie and have no idea what those weird computing acronyms mean. So where do you start?

Over the last five years starting blogs from scratch and running them, I experienced both viral hits and the sound of crickets upon hitting publish.

In that time, I also developed my own systems, processes and playbook to maximize the chances of blogging success. And reading Ajatukseni, you won’t even need any places at all.